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Welcome to Levies Online; the easiest way for you to lodge returns, view account history and update contact details.

If the error message 'Error saving the uploaded file' is displayed when attempting to upload a CSV file, please ensure that the file extension is in lower case e.g. filename.csv and try again. 

If the error message 'Upload Error' is displayed, please open the file with Excel and save again as a .csv file before re-uploading the file. 

Thank you for your assistance.

To make your payment by EFT, please use the details provided below:

Bank: Reserve Bank of Australia

BSB: 092009
ccount number: 111700

Account name: Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment Official Administered Receipts

Reference: enter the prefix ‘LRS’ followed by your Levies account number and your business name.

Example: LRS12345 AZ Wholesale.

If you require assistance, please email or call 1800 020 619 and leave a message with your account number and contact details.

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